Playa Mogan village

The old village of Playa de Mogán is a jumble of houses rising up the western cliff-side above the resort of Puerto de Mogan. The road separating these two contrasting areas is where the beach used to be before the development of the marina complex took place.

The evolution of the cliff-side village has been spontaneous rather than planned, and the houses reflect this in their individuality - unusual and interesting room-shapes and imaginative layouts overcoming the problems of the steep location.

The houses appear to be stacked on top of one another, as indeed many are, and the maze of narrow passages and flights of steps between the buildings reveal some of the most picturesque views over the rest of Puerto de Mogán. Close to the western end of Playa Mogan the Mirador gives a panoramic view over the marina development and fishing harbour and over the beach and the bay, well worth the climb up around 150 steps, especially later in the day as the sun begins to go down.

At "street level" and in the tree-shaded plaza there are various shops, restaurants, and a bank. Nearby there is a pharmacy, a couple of hair salons, a laundry, even an ironmongers, should you need one.

In the evening locals gather in the plaza to meet their friends and discuss the events of the day, while the children run around burning off their excess energy before bedtime.

Staying in the "Spanish quarter" you will experience a different side to Puerto Mogan, the feel is less that of a resort and more that of a community. If you have stayed in resort hotels and apartments before, now is the time to try something a little different!